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Licensing and Research Collaborations
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Covance Research Products relies on the same researchers that we serve with our immunology products and services to tell us what products they would like us to offer. In many cases, these same scientists provide us with the antibodies themselves to add to our catalog. This leads to an efficient process for researchers to share the results and the knowledge gained from their discoveries with the rest of the research community.

If you possess a hybridoma cell line or an antibody that may be of interest to other scientists, please let us help you in disseminating the information and the materials. We will be eager to collaborate with you via licensing, co-development, or other joint partnerships. If the antibody developed by you has been well characterized and published, a simple licensing arrangement with royalty streams flowing back to you can be arranged. Otherwise, we can enter into a joint development program, in which your expertise about the problem and our expertise in antibody development can be combined.

Many of the antibodies offered in our catalog result from collaborations with researchers in universities, research institutes and companies. We plan to continue this tradition of collaborative research which has allowed us to stay in the forefront of research and development.

To learn more about these opportunities and to discuss your ideas please contact:

Christian Fritze, Ph.D.
Director, Antibody Products

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